macvaar at the CES international conference at san francisco

Showcasing products at global stage

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Macvaar @ IOT 2016, Santa Clara, Califronia, USA

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Macvaar @ Wearbale Techcon Conference, San Jose, California, USA

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Macvaar @ The International Drone conference and Exposition, Las Vegas, USA

03:45 min

Part1: Drones enabled facial recognitions Settings

01:02 min

Part2: Drones Enable Facial Recognition Android Application

00:22 min

Part3: Multiple person recognition by Drones Face Recognitions Android Application

04:21 min

2FA and NFC Payment Application

Objects and Biometrics Recongnitions


  • Face Recognition
  • Object detections and identifications
  • Facial Recognition by Phone
  • Facial Recognition by Drones
  • Support DJI Phontom 4 Drones


Areas can be detected and repaired before actual problems or failures occur.But not every thermal imaging camera is suited for solar cell inspections.

  • Traditional aerial inspections
  • Compare visible and thermal images of the same location
  • Spectrum solar panels inspections

Drones Electrical Inspections

Using drone aerial thermal imaging to safely conduct drone electrical substation and power line inspections.

  • Comparing substation hinged cutouts
  • Electrical substation inspection


Mobile Applications in Computer Vision and Augmented Reality(MACVAAR) is an agile development company focused in solving problems and making the monotony of life easier to go on with. We are a team of experienced product developers and technology whizzes, our passion is programming and exploring the various windows including Drones, Bluetooth LE, NFC, Bio-metric Recognitions of opportunities provided by the advancement of science and technology.

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